Arguments Against The Dawes Act

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The Dawes act nullified previous land allotments forced upon the Native Americans by the federal government. This new act insured that the allotted land, that the Native Americans were forced to live on and rebuild their lives, will now be given to white settlers. I don’t think this act is fair or just. It’s other process that is trying to get rid of the Native American culture and lifestyle. They’re separating big parts of the region, and making them relocate to a smaller area. This breaks a part communication between tribes and makes them unstable. It’s a completely underhanded move that tore many lives a part. The law was created to provide further rule over Indian Territory, which they already have gained a lot in recent time. The Indians are being transformed by law, not by will. They were constantly being given new rules to follow, and restrictions they had to maintain. This isn’t fair to a group of people who used to be completely free. They were once the owners of the land, and now the land that they were forced into is being…show more content…
The government might have a different perspective and vantage point. They viewed a group of people that they couldn’t control, therefore, they tore the Native Americans down slowly. They probably felt like this benefited the Native American people because they’ll be more like them. They wanted the Indians to be more modernized and like other citizens. However, this wasn’t a wise or fair way to do this. Instead, this method is just creating more bad blood between the movement leaders and Native Americans. The leaders could have slowly introduced Native Americans into modern society. Perhaps giving them some rights that made them feel a part of the United States, instead of complete outsiders, which is what the Dawes Act accomplished. I feel like the act was very unjust and shouldn’t have occurred. It just cause more suffering and harm to the Native American
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