Arguments Against The Holocaust

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Nazis Fight for Hitler Till Death Due Them Part The Holocaust occurred during WWII primarily in Germany and Poland. The Holocaust spanned 12 years starting in 1933 and lasted until 1945. Hitler gathered a force called the SS or Nazis; together they killed around 6 million people. Nazis thought they were cleansing the world while others believed it was vile. The Holocaust is notorious to people for Hitler murdering Jews, but that is not the only reason. If looked into deeper it is realized that Hitler was a mastermind who created chaos and fear in the whole world. It is written in history and will never be forgotten.Because Hitler was anti semitic and had a very high power over the Nazis, together they killed millions of people during the Holocaust. Hitler had been very antisemitic and thought everyone who did not have…show more content…
Marian said “The decision for genocide was, therefore, the result of a failure of Nazi policy goals, rather than the result of Hitler’s desire to create a racial utopia” ( 87). Hitler’s views stem off an idea of a perfect race. The world can only include this Aryan race therefore Hitler believed he has to kill everyone who does not fit the qualities of the perfect race. Mayes explained “Hitler’s quest for global hegemony would likely make it impossible to expel the Jews beyond German living space, and thus a massacre was inevitable under any circumstances” (87). It was Hitler’s goal to kill all of the Jews. Even if he had to warp the minds of thousands of soldiers he had to complete his goal. Stern explained “Hitler 's will was definitive. Burrin rightly observes that Hitler "did not have a plan, but only an obsession” (157). Hitler did not have a cause or a reason. He was obsessed with the thought of Jews and that influenced other soldiers which created a mob mentality because the Nazi’s believed they were
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