Arguments Against The Wounded Warrior Project

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My core program is Early Childhood Education. During the most recent live lecture (week 4), you stated we were allowed to present out final project on any current event. I am deeply dedicated to ECE, however, the recent accusations against the Wounded Warrior Project has influenced my decision to choose this subject, over my core program. Being the daughter and wife of career servicemen, I am devoted to the interest of our American Veterans. Both my father and husband were disabled American Veterans, both served during war times and both died too young (58 & 54, respectively), due to service connected disabilities. The American government and public have an obligation to honor, assist and protect these brave men and women, especially against…show more content…
Any time a scandal of this magnitude is exposed; donors tighten their grip on contributions, making it difficult for the thousands of honest and hard-working nonprofit charities to secure resources for their organizations. 2-c. Wounded Warrior Project –This recent scandal will halt donations from many supporters of the WWP organization, causing more suffering to our wounded and disabled veterans. Though many projects will continue, several issues will stall important operations within the charity. With limited sources of assistance, our veterans depend on volunteers, donations and funding from outside the US Federal Government. 3-c. A substantial amount of donors have halted their contributions to WWP, awaiting the results of the current audit. Though understandable, the true victims are and will be the disabled veterans. The outcome uncertainty, among the employees, contributors and disabled veterans, will hinder upcoming programs and assistance funds. Parents of two disabled war veterans, Fred and Dianne Kane, have donated $325,000 to WWP, over the past 5 years, through their personal charity, Tee-off for a Cause. They have cancelled their next scheduled charity golf tournament and have cut charitable ties with…show more content…
We certainly understand the concerns that have been raised and we are moving to address those concerns as quickly and decisively as possible to reestablish donor trust,” ( Dianna Cahn, Stars and Stripes, Published: March 18, 2016) “It is now time to put the organization’s focus directly back on the men and women who have so bravely fought for our country and who need our support.” ( Claire Groden, MARCH 11, 2016) Currently, there is an average of 22 veteran suicides daily; access to care must be a priority. The Wounded Warrior Project, acting CEO, WWP board of directors, employees and certain sponsors are diligently working to regain the trust of the entire American public. This will not be an easy project and most probably a timely affair. It is likely, many disabled veterans, will decline the offer of assistance, from the WWP, until the charity rebuilds their trust. “To stand beside a soldier and walk through his pain, will humble a civilian to no longer complain.” Author unknown Step 4:

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