Arguments Against Trophy Hunting

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Each year, trophy hunters want to reach a goal. The goal being hunting for the most exotic and rare animals. Trophy hunting is a booming business all across the world. Hunters claim they are “conservationist”, arguing that the only way that wildlife can survive is if it is given an economic value. Votes should ban trophy hunting because it causes pain and suffering, species to be endangered, and distribution of the food chain. Pain and suffering is not something anyone or anything should feel. Lots of animals suffer slowly and painfully from bullets and other glorifying tools. “ Quick kills are rare, and many animals suffer long prolonged, painful deaths When hunters try to kill, they severely injure the animal but fail to kill them.”…show more content…
The number one problem with trophy hunting is that animals are being endangered. Hunters don't pay attention to what they hurt. “ They prefer to kill the most beautiful, the bigger, and the rarest.” ( In defense of animals) In defense of animals Hunters don't take in consideration for these rare and beautiful animals. What they want is the attention and pleasure. They killed thousands of exotic wild on representing hundreds of different species in foreign countries primarily in Africa. Trophy Hunters don't really care about the conservation. They want to be the ones to tell others what kind of ways they went through to kill an animal. “ Heads, horns, tusks, and other body parts of most these animals are legally and sometimes illegally imported as trophies to the US.” Since these animals are being killed for the pleasure of the eye there's no point in killing them. Killing animals also means killing the food chain that they were involved in. Trophy hunting is one of the main causes the disruption of the food chain. The food chain consists of one animal eating from another and that leading to the cycle. Hunters killing these animals interrupt the whole process in the cycle. Picture this having a baby but then the baby dies, nothing happens afterwards in result. Something happens when killing these animals. The cycle/ generation stop. There is no good reason so why animals should be killed, simply
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