Arguments Against Undocumented Immigrants

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“Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.” By Emma Lazarus (1883). No undocumented person should be treated as a criminal. Undocumented immigrants arise in the United States due to the lack of opportunities in their homeland, and they know America is a nation where a dream can become real. Those individuals willingly perform jobs that nearly all Americans refuse to do; they are reliable people, pay taxes, and help America’s economy. Yet, should undocumented immigrants be granted a path to citizenship? Yes, for the reason that, they are an element of our society, hence vital for this country. Citizens of the United States of America are split on this particular argument, however, different studies have shown…show more content…
Deporting or getting rid of these workers would make the prices to increase in daily products such as milk, vegetables, or fruits. Furthermore, it will also create an issue in industries like construction and hospitality, because then there will be a scarcity of employees. Unlike most most people think, undocumented immigrants do not send all their money to their homeland, they do send money to their countries, for the reason that, they support families. The majority of their money is spent within the United States, and therefore, help the economy. These migrants have dreams, they want to buy a house or a car, they want to help America the same way citizens do, so why not give them the opportunity. To conclude, indeed, ‘illegal’ immigrants broke the law, but they did it for a humanitarian reason, any person in the same position would have done the same for their relatives, so, should undocumented immigrants grant a path to citizenship? Yes, they help this country in different ways. The United States benefit more from them than they benefit from America. These individuals have dreams as everybody in this world, they should be allowed to persuade their dreams, they must get out of the shadows once and for all, these people deserve a better life, they deserve a
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