Arguments Against Undocumented Students

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Undocumented Students

In today’s society there is a HUGE problem that the public is facing, a problem called immigration, but deeper than this is a problem called undocumented students. For centuries America has been labeled as “The Land of Opportunity” a meaning that means the world to most immigrants, so why are families most importantly the future generations excluded from the “American Dream”? An undocumented student can not succeed when they are constantly being thrown curve balls that target immigrant students to be unsuccessful. Chasing the “American Dream” has been the only crime undocumented students have ever committed, and of course they pay the price, from not being able to successfully be able to have a college career, having
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11.2 million undocumented all ages live in the United States, 1.1 million undocumented children under the age of 18, and out of these numbers only 7,000-13,000 enroll for college. This number is just mind blowing the low amount of students that enroll and of course the amount that actually graduates, is much lower than the number of students that enroll to college. It's a shame that such low amount of undocumented students are motivated to continue school. A major reason undocumented students are so discouraged to not continue on to college is how extremely expensive it can be without all the help citizens obtain.

An obstacle for a college-bound undocumented student is of course financial.Based on current

government policies, undocumented students cannot qualify for federal and most state-based

financial aid, including grants, work study jobs, or loan programs, the cost of full-time enrollment as a college student ranges from $15,000 - $40,000 per year. The cost for undocumented students and their families, that do not qualify for financial aid are literally prohibited from attending college. Not only are students denied financial aid money they do not have to pay back but, also are denied being able to borrow money and later on pay it back. This is a big deal but it was not until recent years that society finally brought some attention
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In Georgia finding a college that accepts undocumented students is difficult, because of the Georgia Immigration and Compliance Act, the Board of Regents has recommended that all colleges and universities under their guidance start charging undocumented student out-of-state tuition. This is an outraging fact a students no matter their grades and accomplishment cannot attend whatever school they would like, because of one simple fact, they were born on the wrong side of the world. Even if a student does miraculously overcomes all of this obstacles and somehow obtains some kind of college degree, there other things that will stop them from doing what they graduated to

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