Arguments Against Universal Health Care

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As a strong liberal, the argument against universal healthcare infuriates me. I am pro-universal healthcare because I believe that it is our responsibility as citizens to help one another. Yes, taxes will go up for everyone, but if it’s to stop people from dying from something that could have been prevented then it’s 100% acceptable for the rise in taxes. Personally, I have led a very privileged life. I can accept that. What I will refuse to accept is someone who doesn’t have as much economic privilege that my family has to be denied health insurance because they can’t afford it. There are many people who are victims of circumstance who have been unable to afford health insurance, and often times this is because of a health condition that prevents them from working. In this scenario, universal health care would help to alleviate this problem, and allow for the individual to get to work.…show more content…
This concern is irrelevant for two main reasons: preventative care allows for larger health problems to be avoided if they’re caught sooner and when people are able to get treated by a physician they are able to take less time off work due to illness. In the long run, this will save the government money. If the government were to provide preventive care, terminal diseases could be caught early so that these diseases could be treated in their earlier stages. Catching these ailments early can help reduce the cost of what it may cost to treat these in the later stages of the disease. Also, according to Bruce Jaspen, a writer on, sick days cost the government over $576B annually. Providing preventative care could help lessen this sum of
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