Arguments Against Using Cell Phones In Schools

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There are some arguments against using cell phones during class hours. Cell phones are very unstoppable to the students and it should not be use to them inside the classroom. What can we do? Well, there are many things we can do when a cell phone is found on a student. The phone will be confiscated and a phone home will be required. The child doesn't need a cell phone; the school has one in almost every room. We are preparing for the students to a better life. If parents prepare their children for their future after school, the parents should allow the children to use good tools for the children so that they have a better life after school. By the time, their children enter to their professions; time comes that they need to use even more mobile …show more content…

Cell phones can use for many purposes like educational things like projects, calculators, research, and even putting important notes or reminders when a homework or taking notes is due in that day. Cell phones can also use to call or text important people if you forgot some stuff at home, forgot your money and your lunch or snacks , or to let your parents know that you have an activity or tutorials after your school session that day. Cell phones are very useful to us. But, there are arguments against using cell phones during class hours. Cell phones, while they might seem like nothing but destruction and a safety hazard for school across the country are in actually quite the opposite (Mockingbird5,2009). Teachers don't want kids’ texting in class when they're trying to teach them important things. We should not bring cell phones in class because it can affect to their listening skills, first, it destruct students from the lessons, the students will keep texting and texting because the students is addicting of cell phones and they will never understand what is the lesson about. Second, the students could cheat on test; we all know that our society is more in high technology. There is Wi-Fi’s everywhere and also there are pocket Wi-Fi’s, broad bands, and load data’s that can use in surfing the net. So, if they take the test they can use their cell phones and cheat on the test. Students are wiser than the …show more content…

Using cell phones in class can waste their time in class discussions. The reason why the students will went to school so that the students will have knowledge. Also students will be taking pictures and the teacher will hear it say cheese and will see the flash. Also students will be not participating in class activities because of cell phones. Also if they are listening to music they will be dancing and singing and they cannot hear what you were discussing in front. Recent research has revealed that texting (in class, in meetings, at dinner) has become a significant problem in the United States. A recent university study found that 90% of college students surveyed admitted texting during class. Some even admitted sending messages during tests (Mockingbird5,2009). This rampant abuse has led some professors to ban phones during tests and/or during all classes. One professor informed students that if he even saw a phone during a test, the owner would receive an automatic zero, whether the phone was in use or not. Allowing cell phones in school is a danger to the education of students (Clark,A.,2006). Banning cell phones is in the best interest of everyone; it will help student’s grades. So, schools make rules to facilitate a quality education in a respectful and safe environment. Cell phones have definitely become fixtures in present-day life for most people. Phones

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