Arguments Against Vouchers

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There are no “McStudents.” Learners are not hamburgers and students are not products. This seems to be a common misconception in our government today as they move toward passing laws to have vouchers implemented. A voucher is a government-funded certificate redeemable for tuition fees at any school of the parents’ choice. In a society where commercialism is king and competition is golden, schools are not businesses and vouchers will fail. School vouchers are a specific amount of money that is given by the government to all parents to cover the expenses of their child’s education. The parents can take that money and use it to bring their child to any school that they would like. Because parents are able to choose where their children go to school, and use the money given to them to pay for it, the government thinks that vouchers will force schools to make improvements in order to keep students in their facility. “[Supporters] argue that voucher systems increase competition among schools,…show more content…
In relation to this analogy, the less fortunate people and their environment is the Burger Shack, and the more fortunate people and their environment is the McDonalds. The lives of the people that go to Mcdonalds are going great. They have everything they need and want when it comes to a good hamburger. The people on the other side of town are not in the same condition. In the same sense, school vouchers have a very bad effect on public school education. “Perhaps the most important concern about school vouchers is the effect they have on public schools. Many people acknowledge that vouchers help the students who use them, but are worried that they will make public schools worse by draining money or by ‘creaming’ the best students” (Forster 10). When parents are able to bring their child to any school they please, they bring the funding with them. Schools that lose students also lose their funding, and what is left over for the students who stay is lower quality and lesser
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