Arguments Against Wealth Inequality

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Wealth inequality is at an all time high in the United States. And of course, there is both a praise and scorn of such inequality for a variety of reasons. Is a compromise between both positions possible? Let’s reconsider the arguments for and against wealth inequality, first. --------------------- Wealth inequality is seen by some as a positive thing, since inequality creates competition and instills a desire to seize initiative; for if everyone were treated as equals, regardless of what they do for money, some assume that people would cease to try to do more, or go beyond the status quo. Necessity is the mother of invention and a life where financial needs aren’t met will, for many, incentivize making greater efforts, and greater achievements,…show more content…
If there can be any compromise, surely it is difficult. Between someone who belongs to the class of “have-mores,” who can speak of the benefits of wealth inequality and how it inspires positive competition, and the “have-nones,” who point out that wealth inequality seriously disadvantages some—and even threatens the quality of their life, no matter how hard they work—a ‘middle ground’ between these two positions is hard to come by. But at best, one might say that the “have-nones” might look at the situation of wealth inequality as creating conditions to strive for more, create more, do more that is of benefit to themselves and their society. But this by no means should negate the other horrible things that come with wealth inequality, such as denial of access to basic housing, food, or healthcare needs (for instance). At which point, the “have-mores” need to recognize that, inspite of what advantages they derive from unequal distribution of wealth, such extreme inequality creates a situation which is competitive, for sure, but not always in a positive way. For when those who have none spend their lives at work to gain, if anything, little else than what they need to keep a roof over their head, the argument that inequality forces them to strive for more and work harder rings hollow. It rings hollow when those who struggle to gain anything barely gain at all; while those who do not struggle, who instead benefit from wealth inequality, continue to gain far more than the average human being will in the entirety of their lives. Socially and poltically, inequality can limit those who have little to no money from changing their society for the better. In terms of survival, inequality can also pose undue challenges on those in

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