Arguments Against Welfare

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Welfare is designed to promote the basic physical and material well-being of people in need. The problem comes with the ease people have in cheating the system. It is far too easy for someone to get more support than they deserve and to become totally dependent on that support. The most effective solution for this is simple. Welfare should only be granted to citizens in specific categories such as students and the elderly, and should not be granted to those citizens that do not fall in to those categories due to the fact they should support themselves and their families. The opposition to the abolition of welfare may say that welfare programs do in fact reduce the poverty levels in America. While it is true that poverty is reduced by almost…show more content…
America is a country where an individual’s success correlates with how hard a person works. Constant support to those that do not work for it will cause the value of work to decrease. A solution for this would be to reform the welfare systems into more of safety nets. This ensures that support is given when it is deemed necessary and only for a limited amount of time when circumstances out of a persons control occur. The only time social welfare should be considered necessary is for children and the elderly to have equal opportunity. Ensuring children are taken care of early on gives them a greater chance to succeed in the future. In this instance support given to the child’s family, creates a safety net that can reduce the amount of support needed in the future. From this perspective, social welfare is not strictly an issue of conservative versus liberal government spending, but more a concern of how to prevent social problems that may harm economic productivity (Frank,…show more content…
This is, of course, unless a person that does not fall into one of those groups needs some form of welfare as a safety net to be able to become self-productive once again. Doing this ensures that hard earned money is not unnecessarily taken from other people to support those that do not work, and have no interest in doing so. Instead of support given directly to many of those people, a system to create opportunities for them to support themselves is much more efficient. As a result more money can be put into welfare systems for children which is a better way to reduce welfare needed for adults as children get the education and any other needs they have. As time goes on, less money will have to be spent on long term aid, and can be focused on the elderly, children, and any short term assistance needed. Welfare needs to be reformed, and eventually even abolished, to make sure the social and economic decline it causes does not
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