The Pros And Cons Of Whaling

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Do you agree with the Norwegian and Japanese position on permitting the hunting of non-endangered species of whales as a cultural exemption? Answer: I think to certain extend I agree to maintain some level of whaling, I guess that it should only be allowed in the villages that depend of this meat as a main source of food, and it should be banned in places where is only done to seek monetary gain. Do you think the whaling ban constitutes a violation of these nations' sovereignty? Answer: I don't believe that sovereignty should be taken that seriously as it is only an idea and it does not affects peoples life in any way and it is not vital for human kind survival, I do think like I mention on the question below, that if it is an imperative…show more content…
Answer: A cultural activity is a social gathering where people express the cultural belief and customs, as an example in Honduras in a state near the capital called La Paz we have a carnival where people dresses with typical clothes and there is a fireworks made bull that they light up and run to chase others, this represents the old inhabitants of the area, in conclusion a cultural gathering is a group of people getting together to celebrate their cultural heritage. Does the economic impact of whaling on the small fishing villages weigh into your decision? Answer: No, I feel that it does not have any impact, like I said before I think that some whaling may be allowed as long as it is a primary source of food, otherwise it should be banned and not allowed for financial gain. How should these claims be balanced against world opinion - which is generally very supportive of the protection of whales? Answer: The best way to find balance in this case is to find a way to monitor whaling more closely and make sure that it is only done for the purpose of feeding the villages that need the meat for basic survival, where commercial whaling should be monitored and maybe completely banned, specially because whales are a species in danger and it looks like the more endanger they are the most valuable it is, another problem today is that whaling is not only practice by Norway and Japan but also other countries like Iceland practice illegal
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