Arguments Against Women In Combat

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In the United States, Women have always been involved in the United States Armed forces in many ways for centuries but, Women were not allowed to serve in military combat. This ongoing dispute of whether Women are even cable of serving in military combat is exhausting.
Physically, Women are not capable of meeting the requirements needed for serving in combat. Michele Hickford, Editor-in-Chief is a woman herself serving in the military. In the article, “ THE BEST argument you’ll ever read for not having women in combat”, Hickford states; “....yes it is true that a very small percentage of women will indeed be able to fulfill the same physical requirements as men” (Hickford para. 2). Hickford is strongly against women serving in the field for
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As Kathleen Parker states in her article, “Military is putting women at unique risk”, “Arguments against women in direct combat have nothing to do with courage, skill, patriotism or dedication. Most women are equal to most men in all these categories and are superior to men in many other areas, as our educational graduation rates at every level show. Women also tend to excel as sharpshooters and pilots” ( Paragraph 6). The issue is not that women are not equal enough but, the fact that young women are not capable like young men are. Parker also states that “we’re not talking about female officers of a certain age pacing the hallways of the Pentagon when we speak of placing women in combat, though perhaps we should be. My favorite bumper sticker remains: ‘I’m out of estrogen and I have a gun.’We’re potentially talking about 18-year-old girls, notwithstanding their “adult” designation under the law”.At least 18-year-old men have the advantage of being gassed up on testosterone, the hormone that fuels not just sexual libido but, more to the point, aggression. To those suffering a sudden onset of the vapors, ignore hormones at your peril” (Parker Paragraph 5,6). Parker 's purpose in the article “Military is putting women at unique risk” is that the argument should focus on the biological standpoint and not so much the physical aspect. Women just are not as aggressive physically or mentally as men…show more content…
However, women are progressing in the services. C.J Lin acknowledges the progress in the article, “ Military 's Progress on Women in Combat Criticized”. Lin states that, “....The Marines have made little progress in integrating women into jobs they already qualify for, and the purpose of a proposed physical screening test is questionable since it focuses on strength-based measures and not skills actually needed for the work, according to Greg Jacob, a former Marine and policy director of the Service Women’s Action Network.
The Marines’ plan calls for testing women to see if they can lift 135 pounds, bench 115 pounds, carry 95 pounds for 50 meters while wearing full combat gear, load a 120mm tank round and scale a 7-foot wall. But these skills may not be needed, Jacob said…..To date, 10 women have volunteered for the Marines’ rigorous Infantry Officer Course as part of research on whether or not to keep all-male units closed to women. None passed” (Lin
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