Arguments For Animal Testing

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Animal Testing: Beneficial to mankind or just plainly immoral? A controversial subject such as animal testing always has strong supporting evidence coming from both sides of the metaphorical “battlefield’’, but is there really a need to choose a side? Is it possible that there is a “right” and a “wrong” argument on this topic? Testing different products (albeit medical or cosmetic) is extremely difficult to do without a suitable test subject, because when testing products for humans it is often times frowned upon when e.g. new medicine for combatting cancer is tested on a live person. Therefore, most of the time our only option is to test on our fellow creatures inhabiting this planet. In September 1838 Charles Darwin published his theory of Evolution, this enforces the idea “Survival of the Fittest” which dictates that only the strongest and best genetic candidates will move on to the next generation and procreate. As of today, it is safe to say that Homo Sapiens (Latin for “Wise man” and also known as the modern human) have long since evolved from our predecessors and have become the dominant species on Earth, but does that give us the right to experiment and test on lesser living creatures for our own benefits? It can be reasoned that we need to take care of the planet and preserve its species, and that we do not have authority over the planet. According to HSI (Humane Society International) these test animals are often subjected to extended periods

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