Arguments For John F Kennedy's Assassination

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John F. Kennedy’s assassination was unjust because he works for the equal and civil rights, also his support for the prevention of intellectual disabilities. However, he increases the conflict with the Cuban and communist society, creating problems and disagreements in his administration. You will see reasons, facts and process about his achievements and conflicts during his presidency; finally we will analyze all the arguments to make a conclusion about his administration and his assassination.

The shocking images in newspaper and television of police dogs attacking black children and the racial violence made Kennedy feel that broad federal civil rights legislation was necessary, he starts to create the support to change the violence for peace in
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He said: “The central problems of cause and prevention remain unsolved, and I believe that we as a country, in association with scientist around the world, should make a comprehensive attack”. He creates a program called “A family matter” to help the families and children with these disabilities, also to see the causes and improve the health of the people, they trained doctors, educators and scientist to work together (JFK presidential library, family matter section).

While he was solving some problems he increases others as well, the conflict with Cuba and communist society start when his administration sent airplanes and ships to Cuba to “fight” with them. Also, the CIA began to train troops at a secret base in Guatemala for an invasion in Cuba, when the Cuban revolutionary leader Fidel Castro discovers this, he aligned himself with the soviet union so the communist society supports them and the conflict increase allowing a Nuclear War if they want. ( staff
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