Arguments In Favor Of Gun Control

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Gun control has always had a huge impact on the world, and people are either for it or against it. The laws for gun control have been changed numerous times throughout the years. Guns are misunderstood by millions because some individuals view guns as a killing machine, and others view guns as a way to protect themselves.
The individuals who approve of gun control want to be able to feel safe. Knowing that anyone can easily obtain a gun is a scary thing, especially in today’s times. Having guns more than likely leads to death. Death is a scary thing to think about, but it happens to every single human being and creature in this world. Even though death happens to everyone there should be no reason for someone to die from a gun. Someone’s life does not have to be cut short because of gun. It is such a tragedy with the violent death of a loved one, so in order to prevent other deaths then gun control must be issued. Guns are very powerful weapons, and should not be offered to just anyone. If guns fall into the wrong hands it can be a very dangerous and scary situation. Most of the time officers are not always quick to address a situation, and sometimes situations involving guns can be out of the officer’s
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I personal am in favor of gun control. I believe there is no absolutely reason any one should need a gun, especially to feel safe. How is someone going to feel safe with a gun knowing anyone and everybody can own a gun? Guns should be restricted from the public, especially with all these mass shooting taking place in the world today. I understand there are individuals out there capable and very wise on the uses of guns, but there are hundreds more that know nothing, and so it is not right for guns to be easily accessible. I also believe no one should keep a gun in their homes. Having a gun in the house only cause problems, especially if there are little ones that can easily get a hold of the
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