All Handmaids Margaret Atwood Analysis

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Explain- They take in woman that can give children to people that can’t have kids. They are tagged and taken in being taught that there special and if they say anything out of line the woman are sent to a place where there skin will peel away until they die. Describe- This is the second house that she has been at but everyone says she is lucky to have this house, as well as there is an eye in her house. An eye is someone who watched you and if you say or act out of line than your sent away. Reveal through dialogue- There is a meeting for all handmaids, where she runs into a girl she knew. The meeting ends up beinging about how a guy rapped a handmaids and she lost the baby, who the girl knew. As soon as the whistle is blown all the handmaids can do as they please to this guy, once it’s blown again they will stop. Argue- She doesn’t want to live this life anymore, but is willing to make it through to find her baby girl and fight for her friend. Thesis- Margaret Atwood criticizes what we all know and have, Women's Rights, but Atwood takes them away even the most important parts to all woman.…show more content…
They are taught of what to say like ”god’s be” or “we’ve been sent with good weather” in which they are taught to reply with “ which i receive joy”. Handmaid's don't talk much more to each other, but they always have to go places in two for “there safety” more or less to watch each other so one doesn't go out of line if they do they will tell and “The Eye” will come get them. Many words are banned like “sterile” or taking bad about the government is forbidden. Everyone is watched. The rules tho for being a handmaid are simple if you follow them. Listen to the wife, dont be alone with the husband. For ceremony night everyone come in a certain way. Even when the handmaid has the baby, the wife sits behind them as if they gave birth to the
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