Arguments Of Protectionism: The Pros And Cons Of Protectionism

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IF a common man is questioned “can protectionism ever be justified” he’d probably say NO, we live in a world of globalisation and there won’t be many who agree with the term protectionism is today’s day, its mostly considered as an “economic bad” . You will easily find governments who say ‘I am in favor of globalisation’ but rarely will u ever find a nation which says “we are for protectionism” and that’s probably the most basic difference between the two. Let’s start with understanding protectionism before we debate if it’s even justifiable or not? Protectionism may be defined as (Block, and McGee, 1997) ‘Any policy intended to shield domestic industries from import competition’ Protectionism is merely an attempt by a countries government…show more content…
Protectionism is coming to us from all directions, and numerous nations are using both direct and indirect barriers to trade, as when they require to do so. What economists mostly talk about are the threats of protectionism, rather than its benefits and how protectionism isn’t a long term solution. By now we have understood that protectionism, whether we like it or not, is used in certain economic situation by every other country, but it shouldn’t be seen as a permanent solution. Protectionism is a superficially convincing concept, because we can immediately point out the number of jobs saved, lesser no of imports etc. but it slightly more difficult to see the benefits of free trade in numbers, but one country’s protectionist policies will not just hurt their trading countries exports. The formers countries exports will also be affected sooner or…show more content…
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