Arguments On The Hijab (Head Scarf/Veil)

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The Different Arguments on the Hijab (Head Scarf/Veil)
Hijab is a piece of material that most Muslim women wear on their heads to hide their hair and “beauty” from the public. The wearing of head scarves varies from person to person, it can be as extreme as hiding all of the hair, face, eyes, the forehead, ears, neck and upper region of the breast, or as casual as just cover the backrest of the head or as people say in Kurdistan “they are simply covering their hair clip”. Inside the Muslim society, there are two sides of the wearing of Hijab. The first side is the pro-Hijab side; this side is divided into two other sections, the women who assume it to practice their religion and the women who are forced to hold out the Hijab. The second side
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Some Men force the women they have control over to wear the Hijab and in some cases the Niqab (cover the face). Men believe that women who cover their body (beauty) have more respect within society and will not be sexually harassed by strange men in society. One of the common arguments made by these men is that they are supporting god and doing their duty as a Muslim (spreading Islam and putting people on the right track), God has said that women should hide their beauty form strange men as this will protect them from uncomfortable incidents in their daily lives. The second part of this paragraph will discuss the women of these men really feel. If these women are asked of what they think of their men’s decision (in the presence of their men) they would claim that they enjoy wearing the Hijab and feel more comfortable and safe when they have the scarf on. When the same women are asked the same question but without the presence of their men, they give a completely different answer, they say that they feel ugly in the scarf, they feel insecure and they are only doing it because they are told to do it and if they don’t wear it they will be punished by their
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