Arian Foster Character Analysis

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“I’m a firm believer in Karma. I believe life always works itself out in funny, mysterious, unbelievable ways.” Arian Foster believes. Grit is putting forth everything someone has to achieve what it is they want, and never give up. Arian Foster is an NFL running back for the Houston Texans. Arian used perseverance, passion and effort to overcome the challenges to achieve his dream. To begin with, Foster used perseverance to overcome doubt. Firstly, Arian was doubted by his teacher. JockBio states his teacher asked what he wanted to be. He said he wanted to be an NFL star, she laughed and asked what else he wanted to be. Arian used this as motivation and still today to remind himself he can prove the doubters wrong. Secondly, Arian’s high school coached doubted him because of his size. JockBio writes Foster was told by the football coach that he was not big enough to be a varsity halfback. Arian eventually had a growth spurt but he trained his…show more content…
For example, Arian made the most out of his opportunity. JockBio describes he was finally on the active roster due to injuries. Then on the last game of the season he got his chance to start. With his first start Arian had 119 yards and two touchdowns against the New England Patriots. Another example, Foster was not going to stop. According to JockBio Arian was not going to start for the new season until he impressed the coaches during training camp. So he got the start in week one. During his start he had 2311 yards and three touchdowns against the Texans rivals, Indianapolis Colts. This proved that his skill and play was no fluke. Lastly, Arian was going to go through the finish line. JockBio emphasizes in the last game of Arian’s second season he was neck-and-neck with Jamaal Charles for the NFL rushing title. Against the Jacksonville Jaguars Arian had a great game, claiming the rushing title. To conclude, Arian used effort to overcome the deprivation he kept
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