Argumentative Essay On Gymnasts

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Not so long ago, a brave girl called Ariana Berlin was competing at the highest level of gymnastics of her age category. A couple of months later something terrible happened from that moment on her life changed forever...
“Piep, next off on the bars is Ariana Berlin, she’s a real talent!” said the presenter of the big competition. Arianna had a fantastic score and made herself noticed by the coach of UCLA. The dream school of Ariana. The school has the best gymnast team in the world. They won the olympic games more than 7 times in a row. Ariana’s dream was UCLA and then the olympics. That was realistic, because UCLA had such a good reputation that the school would always have 2-3 gymnasts from the amazing college that qualified to participate and perform at the olympics.
A couple of days later Ariana and her mother were in the
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Every night she trained after dance practice without anyone knowing it. The gymnast told her mom they rescheduled their dance hours and the habibs thought she was just cleaning up after them. She became in better shape every time. It was actually happening! Ariana was back! One night, the girl was practicing as always and without her knowing it. Her ex gymnast trainer Stefan was still at the gym doing some paperwork. He saw Ariana and was blown away. It felt just like before. Like she was back to where she was. Except that every time she landed, she grabbed her leg, because of the pain. That didn’t stop Stefan from going to the gymnast and offering her an amazing opportunity. Her ex coach was so impressed that he wanted to make an appointment with the head coach of UCLA’s team, mrs. Val. This was an amazing opportunity for her, so of course she took it. Ariana had 7 months to get in the best shape she could possibly get. That’s why at the second that she hears that she did what she could do best. Fight for her dream! The girl trained every single night with approval of Stefan. Stefan agreed to keep it a secret between Ariana and

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