Ariana Grande's Accomplishments

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Do you like Ariana Grande? Well she had a lot of early year successes, and she has a great career, and she has earned a lot of awards. Have you ever wondered about her life? Early Life According to Ariana Grande was born in Boca Raton Florida. Her father was a graphic designer and her mother was a CEO of a company. She was a great actor and an amazing singer at a young age. She also stared in a Broadway play 13 at the age 15. She was so great at the role she won a National Youth Theater Association (NYTA). Two years later, she was seen in the musical Cuba Libre and had a small role on a TV show The Battery’s down. But that was all it took for Grande which led to her role on the show Victorious. Career…show more content…
Still she made music, but soon after heard rumors and quit Sam and Cat only after 35 episodes, but after all that she made a hit single called the way and made it to the top ten songs in the United

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