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Kylie Jenner gives 23 lipstick For Birthday Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande celebrates 23rd anniversary in June 25, yesterday, and Kylie Jenner gave him the desired gift all women makeup lovers this time. namely lipstick Lip Kit Kylie Cosmetics.

Ariana showed off a special gift from Kylie Snapchat account through Friday night late yesterday. Kylie even not only give one or two, but 11 different colors of lipstick collection of her as warning of the age of the singers ' Focus ' it.

"Happy birthday to me. Thanks Kylie! My lips will be very happy with this. Love you, "she writes at Snapchat yesterday.

The singer Dangerous Woman has different types of lipstick Kylie, from the textured matte to gloss. This prize it seemed appropriate for her, as Ariana is one big fan of lipstick that has always sold out of it. In one of the post 's Snapchat, she ever says if, "Mary Jo K and Candy K (lipstick name Kylie) is one that has always existed in me."
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She tries the latest shade, namely lipstick matte black metallic named Kymajesty.

" Kymajesty really made for Joan Grande , " Ariana said when showing her mother with metallic black lips .

Kylie not only provide plain colours and black that sold over the counter, but also two types of the latest series of color lipstick, lipstick is bright blue with the name Skylie and Freedom. Electric blue color Skylie revealed star reality 18 years was inspired by the Ferrari cars. While Freedom is blue navy thick with gradations of silver in
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