Arianna Huffington's Argument Essay

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In "My Vassar College Commencement Speech for the Class of 2015" Arianna Huffington wrote and delivered this speech to the Vassar College graduating class of 2015. Ms. Huffington is the co-editor and chief of the Huffington Post. She 's a well-known Greek novelist and is highly credited for her contributions to journalism and politicism. She has sufficient background to speak on her chosen topic of technology. More specifically, Huffington spoke about the excess of technology creates obsession in our younger generations. Having researched Huffington, there 's evidence to support she 's prone to support a conservative standpoint when you look at her marital background. In 1986, Huffington married Michael Huffington, a secretary in the United States ' Department of Defense. Between 1993 and 1995, Michael had a seat as a Republican in the House of Representatives; during this time Huffington appeared regularly on TV shows addressing her political standpoints. She also helped to support her husband when he ran in a Senate Campaign. Despite Huffington 's marital status and…show more content…
In addition to facts, Huffington also focuses on a study performed by researchers from Harvard and the University of Virginia; their experiment hypothesized whether more people would choose to have fifteen minutes alone, without phones or laptops, or if they 'd rather undergo an electric shock. "A whopping 67 percent of men chose the electric shock. I 'm very happy to say that only 25 percent of women chose the shock." Huffington proves how our generation 's lives orbit around digital media. "In fact most of us actually know more about the state of our smartphones than we do about the state of ourselves." Huffington emphasizes how technology wraps us in an enduring and pressured existence, so much so, we wind up neglecting ourselves. Huffington 's final comments implore the graduates to disconnect for selfish reasons and to be aware of life 's mysteries. Finally telling them to enjoy the
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