Arielle Pagan Analysis

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Cancer Care Life-Changing Day: Arielle Pagan’s Story Everybody knows what cancer is and how it tears families and lives apart, but you always tell yourself that it won’t happen to you. That’s what Arielle Pagan was telling herself when one day she was diagnosed with lymphoblastic leukemia after a routine check at the her local hospital. According to Lucy Pagan/ Arielle’s Mom, Arielle had the cold longer than usual and hadn’t been acting the way she normally does (Lucy Pagan). “She wasn’t herself and it began to worry me so I took her to the doctor. This went on for weeks and I never thought that it would be something so bad as cancer and I thought it was just the bad flu” (Lucy Pagan). After a bit the doctors started to believe that Arielle had a rare disease, but didn’t know how bad it would eventually be. The disease was believed by the doctors that it…show more content…
They get money mostly from donations and gives the money to kids family to help them pay for their cancer treatment and do everything possible to help them survive. They also pay money towards cancer research and help hospitals create treatment options. With the money they get from donations goes to kids battling childhood cancer. The organization has made a positive impact on families all across the world and has done that by saving kids lives. As you can see below this is how ALS gets their money (ALS). Alex’s lemonade stand is known for saving kids life and bringing them happiness. Their organization gets money by just simply telling their story because everybody wants to help kids and people feel that if they donate they help save kids lives and that's why they are so successful (ALS). Alex’s lemonade stand brings happiness to kids with cancer by giving them hope and saving their lives because that makes a positive impact on anyone's life. Alex’s Lemonade Stand: Impact and
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