Arijit Singh Song Analysis

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Top Songs of Arijit Singh
Arijit Singh is a very new and a versatile singer who has taken over the Bollywood music Industry all of a sudden. He started out belting soft and decent songs from the Movie Ashiqui 2. Then he is coming up with all the hit music every now and then. A playlist of Arijit Singh is a common amongst the crowd of youth in India. His voice quality is just fantastic and soothing. He is a very decent and a good person from heart. He has a peaceful mind and thus he understands the tunes needs, and accordingly he gives his vocals to the songs. The Bollywood music standards have been raised. Favorite Numbers of Arijit Singh is many.

Top 10 songs of Arijit Singh 2015
1. Tere Honke Rahengay: This is one of the best songs of Arijit
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Tum Hi Ho: the most sensational tune of the year with the most versatile vocals of Arijit Singh. This song is known to everyone and this is a repeated request for the radio channels all around India. This has become a love anthem for the lovers and the voice of Arijit Singh just does the magic. The voice just touches the heart.
8. Aaaj Phir Tumse: this is an erotic number Arijit Singh. it has a catchy groove and has the best house music. The voice of arijit singh and the proper tune just makes you feel the situation and enjoy the song. You will fall for this song and you will listen to it every day. The lyrics are justified by the voice of Arijit Singh.
9. Raabta: The lyric of this song is amazing. The very first time you listen to this song, you will fall in love with it. The way this song is composed is soothing to the ears. The voice of Arijit Singh also adds a charm to this song. This is the must have song in the playlist.
10. Hai Dil Ye Mera: The way this song has been sung by Arijit Singh has stunned the music lovers. This song has taken over the ears of the music industry and has made a position for itself. It is a soft number but the vocal of Arijit Singh has the detailing of improvisations.
Listen to all the songs of Arijit Singh for a pleasant feeling. Every new song will surprise you and treat you a new

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