Aristotelian Rhetoric Techniques Used In Queen Elizabeth's Speech

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Jordan McNeill Period 2 October 25, 2015 In 1588 the troops of England gathered at Tilbury. Preparing themselves to repel an expected invasion by the King of Spain’s army. Queen Elizabeth I of England delivered a passionate speech encouraging her men to risk their lives in battle. In her, albeit short, speech the Queen deftly uses different rhetorical strategies. Elizabeth makes exceptional use of the Aristotelian Appeals, which are means of persuasion. They are divided into three categories. Logos, appeals to one’s intellect using logic and facts. Pathos, appeals to one’s emotions. Then lastly, Ethos appeals to one’s conscience and morals. Utilizing elegant diction, The Queen mainly employs appeals of Pathos and Ethos. Addressing her audience …show more content…

Her ability to stimulate her audience’s senses with just her spoken language is outstanding. Her imagery in the speech is arousing and promotes confidence. She states, “...I have the body but of a weak and feeble woman; but I have the heart and stomach of a king...” Addressing some possible doubts of her troops. It was likely that the army of men was reluctant to follow a leader who was a woman. As it was often believed that they were the inferior sex. Queen Elizabeth combats the notion. Saying that she was just as strong and capable as any man. Well, actually, not just any man. She is comparable in strength to even English kings before her. Inspiring faith in her competence as a leader. “ the midst and heat of battle...” She acknowledges the reality of the situation they are about to dive headfirst into. The war was not going to be any simple task. She understands that. “ or die amongst you all...”, “...I myself will take up arms...”, she tells them. Elizabeth clearly lets them know she will not abandon them. The fight was not theirs alone, but her’s as well. Painting pictures of the most intense of situations, but even then she would be with them. Igniting the spirits of her army and making it an honor to fight alongside her. Queen Elizabeth’s speech at the town of Tilbury was truly motivating. Her brilliant use of intricate diction and structure as well as appeals of Pathos and Ethos and Imagery all made for a wonderfully rallying speech. I have no doubt that she achieved her purpose, to instill in her troops, strength and

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