Aristotle Virtue Ethics Essay

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Virtue Ethics of Aristotle
Virtue of ethics dates back, to when Aristotle (348-322 BCE), and this does not focus on the actions of being right or wrong but on the traits of being a good person. Therefore, we focus on the character trait of what makes a person good and the qualities and virtues that makes that person morally good. Thus, virtue ethics is an agent that is centered on the morality and the teleological approach, meaning focusing on and end or a purpose. Aristotle maintained that all human beings must have a specific nature, or a function in life that will flourish when they fulfill that function or purpose in their life. During time virtue ethics lost a portion of its popularity for most of history due to its infallible weakness,
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This made Aristotle momentously ahead of his time. Aristotle felt that a person who was virtuous had ideal character traits that derived from the basic human flourishing whereas flourishing is compared to one’s characteristics of function that helped maintain good character traits and diminished the bad or unscrupulous traits. Consequently, modern philosophers have had a limited amount of success in improving Aristoteles virtue ethics otherwise been able to modernize the theory to fit the societies of the twenty-first century. Therefore, it is indisputable that there are many weaknesses in Aristoteles theory, hence resulting in the theory of being discarded for millennia. One of the main weaknesses is that it does not tell a person what to do to the inconclusive and the subjective nature of the doctrine of the mean. Relating ethics of real world ethics is a set of values that are explained, what is right or wrong, good or bad. Ethics are everywhere and present in everyday lifestyles and situations, that are involved in how and what way humanity acts towards one another or towards us. Consequently, if we look at some of the methods, it teaches us how to learn through examining or probing questions. One may say that
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