Summary Of The Short Happy Life Of Francis Macomber

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Aristotle 's definition of courage involves the feelings of fear and confidence. He believes that a courageous person fears and endures confidence not only for the right things and reasons, but also in the right way and time. However, people who exceed in confidence about fearful things are rash because they tend to put on a show. Aristotle also believes that people who exceed in fearlessness do not have a name. They are anxious for fear until it arrives and then they back down. Aristotle believes that there are things that we should fear and things that we should not be afraid of. What can be controlled should be controlled and what cannot be controlled will not be controlled. He thinks that people who fear too much are cowards because they…show more content…
Macomber. Margot Macomber presents Aristotle 's example of thinking your courageous because of your own emotions. She does many things throughout the story out of being bitter and angry towards her husband, Francis. She seems to also have a very poor and moral character because of her hateful actions, which makes it very hard for readers to like her or even think of her as a courageous person. Mrs. Macomber hated the fact that her husband was a coward, yet she seemed to be the same thing herself. However, Mr. Macomber wanted to become brave whereas, that was never a goal for Margot. When Mr. Macomber first attempted to kill a lion and failed, his wife did not want any part in making him feel better about it or show him any empathy. This made her realize how attractive Wilson was because he could complete the task of killing lions with ease. She wanted a brave man such as he, opposed to her coward husband. The next day, Mr. Macomber was successful killing on his buffalo hunt, so he decided to also hunt the next day to help with his
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