Aristotle's Philosophical Views In Groundhog Day

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Aristotle’s Philosophical Views in Groundhog Day The philosopher’s idea that best fit the movie Groundhog Day is Aristotle. The reoccurring issues throughout the movie is self-fulfillment and happiness. The leading character Phil struggles to be happy with himself and his life and he is what we consider a “half empty” character. However, unlike many of us who shares the same characteristics as Phil, he has the opportunity to relive the day until he gets it right. Phil is a representation of so many people in society. At the start of the movie he is this snobby, arrogant, overly sarcastic bland news reporter. As mentioned in some of Aristotle’s work, one must find a balance between the virtues…show more content…
I believe he says befriend someone you can love as much as you love yourself. Yet he also says find someone with opposite traits as yourself so that the both of you can be that missing piece for one another. Basically you and your relationships with other should be puzzle pieces so that when combined it creates a beautiful master piece. In Groundhog Day Rita, the camera guy, and the high school classmate etc., helps Phil understand the purpose of friendship. It takes Phil’s female producer Rita, to help him realize the importance of others. He thought it would be a great plan to pretend to be Rita’s ideal perfect man so that he can seduce her. But every time he tries it always fail and end with him being slapped. When he tells her everything that’s been happening to him for the last past same day, she decides to stay with him and I believe at that moment he realizes his self-worth. Rita grew closer to him because of who he was and not who he pretends to be. After reevaluating himself he took control over the repetitive day instead of allowing the day to take control of him. He begins to live a life that he never though he could live. Since he knew what was going to happened he begin to help others. He saved the child from a fall, he helped the ladies with their tire, he helped save a marriage, and a host of other things. These people thought of Phil as a hero and he found the happiness he has been searching for his whole life. Phil begins to be satisfied with himself through the act of helping
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