Aristotle's Theories Of Virtue

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"It is very hard to be virtuous, but very easy to become vicious"- Aristotle.
Aristotle follows the same way of Socrates and Plato of that the virtues are the center of human well-being. ("Aristotle´s Ethics") He applied a careful and descriptive path to his inspection in the Nicomachean Ethics. (350BC) this theory was written for politicians as a guide to governance also was made to help society specially the kids, so they can grow in the path of ethics. The essence of this theory is that every people have to reach their own telos; our full potential, in order to live a flourish life. A lot of people ask, what is flourishing, this is so easy when you grow well, you are a healthy person, and you are successful. These are 6 things that
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Aristotle also guarantee that to be a virtuous person we have to been teach and also of what we see. There are two types of virtues, the intellectual virtue the one that we learn in school when we read and learn ethics; we learn wisdom, prudence, rationality; and the moral virtue, we learn this virtue by guidance, of parents, teachers, or mentors; we learn fairness, kindness, loyalty, courage, and conscientiousness. As well there are 5 types of morality in this theory; Moral complexity [virtue ethics is a form of ethical pluralism; there are at least 2 fundamental moral rules], Moral understanding [in order to be a good person you have to have experience and training], Moral education [knowing the difference between right and wrong isn’t native], Moral wisdom [obtain through practice, experience, or training], and Moral luck [depends on actions out of our control]. (Bernal, PP) Antonio Ricci was a virtuous person? Or he was involved in a tragic dilemma? Tragic dilemma refers that is there any situation where, through no fault of their own, they have to choose the agent between possibilities that involve doing violation to an important value. This can be either resolvable or irresolvable. If the tragic dilemma is resolvable, there is a better option…show more content…
Antonio Ricci husband of Maria Ricci and father of Bruno Ricci, gets an offered of a job, that consist on posting advertisings, but Antonio have a big problem in order to get that job he needs to have a bicycle. The Ricci family was poor; they try to make a living by what means they can. When Antonio come home and talk to his wife about the offered that he gets, she gets happy but he was angry because they don’t have a bicycle and even the money to afford one. Maria starts thinking what she could do to get money so Antonio could buy a bicycle and start earning money. Maria takes of the sheets of the bed and goes to the pawn shop to sell it. The trade person gives the sufficient amount of money to afford a bicycle, Antonio was so happy. The next day Antonio goes to the place that he was cited with his bicycle. Days after he enter to the job, while he was posting advertisings on a wall, one man steal his bicycle, he notice that and he start screaming that one man steal his bicycle. He started the search of his bicycle in the entire city, he asks for help to a lot of people. One time Antonio saw "his bicycle" all the people ask the person for the serial number of the bicycle to know if that special bicycle belonged to Antonio, but that bicycle was not his bicycle. He feels destroyed. He and his son Bruno walk the entire city trying to find the thief.
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