Arizona Capital Building Essay

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The written history of Arizona began when the exploration parties came from Mexico. Spanish missionaries settled north of Nogales, which was founded by Padre Kino. Their mission is now a National Monument. Padre Kino laid the foundations for Spanish development in the area but after he died it came to a halt. In 1821, Mexico declared its independence and went to war with the United States. When the war ended the land north of the Gila River became United States territory and a few years later the rest of the area was obtained through the Gadsden Purchase.
Then began the great westward movement. From adventurers to businessmen, our early pioneers came west to seek their fortunes. After a battle with the Indian settlers trying to prevent the
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The capital of Arizona is Phoenix. The Arizona capital building was built in demonstration that the territory of Arizona was indeed ready for statehood. Now surrounding the capital building is a park that houses the Wesley Bolin Memorial Plaza. The plaza has many monuments and memorials dedicated to important events and people of the past. Including one of the two anchors from the USS Arizona, a Korean War Memorial, the American Merchant Seaman Memorial, and many more. The plaza is named after the 15th governor of the state of Arizona and his term was the shortest term in office, 5 months, for any Arizona governor. The plaza is also considered a Phoenix point of pride.The Arizona flag consists of 13 rays of red and gold that represent the 13 original colonies of the Union and also the rays of the Western setting sun. The colors red and gold come from the colors carried by the Spanish expedition. The bottom half of the flag is the same liberty blue as the United States flag. In the flag’s center is a copper star that represents the fact that Arizona was the largest producer of copper in the nation. Like the flag the state seal is symbolic to our state. The state seal displays Arizona’s main enterprises and attractions. Along with the five c’s of Arizona, which are copper, cattle, cotton, citrus, and climate. About the drawing is the state motto, which reads “Ditat
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