Arizona Dui Case Study

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Phoenix DUI Tips to Minimize Legal Trouble Arizona DUI laws are among the toughest in the nation, so it makes preventive to study tips for people accused of DUI offenses to minimize or avoid charges. The DUI Team of Arizona offers Phoenix DUI tips because these charges are serious and could result in jail time and other serious consequences. Arizona DUI Law Knowing how strict the laws are and the possible fines and penalties for infractions often serves as a strong deterrent. Remember that DUI doesn 't just apply to alcohol but to marijuana, street drugs, prescription drugs and other stimulants. In Maricopa County, which includes the city of Phoenix, you could lose your job or damage your business reputation if you 're convicted of a misdemeanor or felony DUI charge. You 're also subject to expensive fines and fees, mandatory…show more content…
Calling a taxicab or Uber, finding a sober friend or taking public transportation are good advice when you overindulge. Don 't Make the Officer 's Case You might think that an officer will go easier on you if you come clean, but don 't volunteer information, behave rudely or explain in too much detail. Answer questions to the point, but don 't admit to feeling impaired. You might be able to fight the charges if you follow DUI arrest tips, so don 't admit to breaking the law. Ask to Speak to a Lawyer You don 't have to wait until you reach jail to ask for an attorney. This is one of the best tips for people accused of DUI. As soon as you know you 're being arrested, ask for an attorney and stopanswering questions. Avoid Field Sobriety Tests Taking a field sobriety test easily results in the officer explaining in court that you were unbalanced or slow.The test only serves to add information that police can use against you in court and won 't exonerate you if the officer thinks you 're
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