Arizona Gymnastics History

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Past, Present Future: Arizona Gymnastics organizational saga/isomorphism/politics


When establishing success of a athletic program it takes much more than meets the eye and many hours of hard work and dedication, Arizona Gymnastics is in a state of rebuilding who they are and can complete this task through organizational saga from learning how the program was established in the past, leading into current leadership politics of their organization, and finally using mimetic isomorphism for the future of Arizona GymCats.
One name of many comes to mind when one thinks of the history and purpose of Arizona Gymnastics, and that name is Mary Roby. Many individuals claim Roby to be a pioneer in the growth of women’s athletics
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This new education amendment helped bring some women’s programs into the NCAA for the 1981-82 academic year. Later Roby and then athletics director, Cedric Dempsey were involved in joining the university’s men’s and women’s sports in the early 1980s, taking a national leadership role in combined programs. To this day, Mary Roby stands as a figure to all of Arizona Athletics, but specifically women’s sports and her name is honored on the Gymnastics Training Center because without her the Gymnastics team or any women’s sport would not be here with the hard work of this extraordinary woman. Organizational saga is understanding former accomplishments from those who have come before you and understanding the story or background of your purpose as an organization. Current Head…show more content…
Defining the political aspect and the different roles that comes along with the Gymnastics program as individuals and how each different role is important for the program to work as a unity. The different roles relies on both sides of the spectrum when it comes to the sport of the gymnasts and also the behind the scenes. Each role has a different curriculum that leads to their proper structure that created a story. From the gymnasts perspectives we learned that they have their own rules and structures. To start off from the different powers that each role has and even though they seem different, they unite that makes the Gymnastics at Arizona who they are this year. The present of Arizona Gymnastics has organization saga that only fits their needs for the gymnasts, but the coaches have tight communication that goes along with both the athletes and the roles that happens behind the sport itself. The gymnasts have a structure that is beneficial for their special needs to be the best as a team. Being responsible of not only being on time to go to practices and classes, but there are other areas such as volunteering for the community that they do that helps them get to know the community and for the community know the
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