Arizona's Argumentative Essay

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Arizona is a senior in high school, in the cold tundra of Montana. Her name is Arizona because the winter she was born, was the coldest winter on record for Montana, and her parents must have wished for warmer weather. Arizona’s life is not, nor has been, glorious. She started working on her family’s cattle ranch when she was five. Her family doesn’t use ATV’s or Rangers to check fence and cows, no, they use horses. “Horses can’t break down” was always what her father would say, but vet bills argued that. She started out just riding unbroke ponies to go check fences or cows. The reason why Arizona rode unbroke ponies, is because those ponies were cheaper, and she could keep whatever money she made off the ponies once she sold them as broke…show more content…
That’s when she did something that she knew her parents wouldn’t be happy with, she only sent in one college application, and that was to a school in Texas. For weeks, Arizona was biting her fingernails, waiting for a letter. If she didn’t get accepted she would have to fill out an application for the local community college, since they accepted late applications. She only had one shot at this, or it was just not meant to be. Finally Arizona got a letter in the mail from Texas. She bit her lip as she ripped the top open and gently pulled the folded paper out of the envelope. Arizona slowly unfolded it, her eyes scanning the page. You knew when she reached that important sentence, because she screamed and jumped up in the air, she was accepted. Now Arizona is standing there, about five people away from receiving her diploma. She had already spoke to her parents and lined up a job in Texas. Her job was working for a cutting horse trainer, her boss said she could keep her two horses there and he had a place she could live until school started. She even has the trailer loaded with all her clothes and equipment, all she has to do is grab that diploma, go home, load her horses, and
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