Arkadina Character Analysis

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Character Motivation • Arkadina, Irna Nikolaevna: Arkadina is an actress who loves the spot light. She has a son, Treplyov, who is a writer and a lover, Trigorin, who is also a writer. Arkadina is unable to appreciate anyone or anything because she is so focused on herself and her selfishness. Starting on the first page of the book all the way to the last Arkadina puts her need for attention above anyone or anything. • Treplyov, Konstantin Gavrilovich: Treplyov lives in his mother’s shadow as a play writer. Because Arkadina is such a selfish mother, Treplyov is burdened with a life of troubles and insecurities. He is madly in love with Nina, but unfortunately Nina does not have the same feelings for him. Treplyov blames her lack of affection on his plays which illuminates his insecure character. • Sorin, Pyotr Nikolaevich: Sorin is Arkadina’s brother and Treplyov’s uncle. He is a kind man and although he is now old without the two things he ever desired: to be married and a writer, Sorin is not bitter. He looks out for Treplyov, and tries to substitute his affection for Arkadina’s in act 1. • Nina Mikhailovna Zarechenaya: Nina is originally with Treplyov but once she meets Trigorin, Arkadina’s lover, everything goes upside down. It becomes clear in act 1 that she is not in love with Trigorin but instead idolizes his works and success. Nina is love drunk and overlooks Trigorin’s creepy comments or that he is with Arkadina. All she wants at first is him but her
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