Reflection Paper 8: Arkangel

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Reflection Paper 8 – Arkangel

How can parents encourage their child’s social and emotional development?
The ideal way for parents to encourage theirs child’s development both socially and emotionally is to allow them to experience the world as it is. Allow them to make mistakes and learn instead of protecting them to the point where they are unable to. Creating an environment for children’s development is different however, taking them to the park to socialize with other children is forcing them to do anything but it can promote social development.
Have you heard the term helicopter parent? What does this term mean?
Helicopter parents are those who choose to overly protect their children. It can sometimes be to the point where it begins to negatively effect the child. For example not allowing your child to go to the park with the other kids because it isn’t very sanitary. This would slow social development as the child will have less interactions compared to other kids.
The world can be a scary place, how
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Her farther never had the option of the Arkangel and therefore had to just deal with the feelings he may have had. If the situation at the start of the episode had happened to her farther he wouldn’t be able to go to greater lengths to protect Marie. Parents will worry regardless.
Who is more afraid of puberty: children or their parents?
I believe that parents are more afraid of puberty than children. Children don’t know what they’re getting into so it would be hard for them to really be afraid, however parents have experienced puberty before making them worry and compare their experience to their child’s. Parents may want to protect their kids from experiencing the same things they did but in fact it is often those experiences during our developing stages that shape us the most.
What is your main take-away message after watching

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