Arlene Dickinson Case Study

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Arlene Dickinson is a very successful entrepreneur based in Canada. She owns a business known as the venture communications in the region. The business is doing quite well at present. She is a passionate entrepreneur who is happy about his job. The man is a humble and hardworking citizen of Canada who captures the attention of many because of his success. He has also invested in CBC Dragons’ Den for a considerable length of time. She originally comes from South Africa before they later migrated to Canada as his father searched for better places for his children to invest. The father of Dickinson worked in a school as a teacher before he also became an entrepreneur. Her father was the person who mostly influenced her success and upbringing. Dickinson argues that his father raised him with the perception that he had to take care of himself and the society as well (Anonymous, 2016, 7). Her father believed in him and told him that anything is possible if a person is willing to start it. The father was the one who inspired her to try her luck in business so that she could…show more content…
She has a family and a very supportive husband who keeps her going. She ensures that her family is well catered for as she goes to work. Her family supports her in the daily routines that she undertakes. She advises that all the family members need to sacrifice so that they can get the far they wish. All her encouragement came from her family members who helped her get into greater heights regarding the progress of the business. The businessperson has to put family first so that she can ensure that everything else goes well (Cuervo et al, 2007, 24). She faces several challenges running a business as a woman. She advises those who wish to start a business to make sure that they first understand their vision in order to succeed. Without a proper vision in place, it would be difficult for the person to start a successful

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