Arlene Supreme: A Short Story

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Arlene Supreme, that's a name everyone knows in the year 2903, she’s seen in history textbooks, schools, and museums across the world. That is of course after the great Machine war of 2813. But before all this fame, Arlene was a name only known by people on her street. Arlene Supreme is a 15 year old girl which lives upstairs her dad’s business that repairs and improves robots. Arlene got her name after her mom died of cancer right after she was born. Arlene’s dad spends most of his time working on the robots down stairs. Most people come when screws come loose, or if buttons need to be replaced. 100 years ago the first robot to have Artificial Intelligence was created. It’s soul purpose was to help around the house by cleaning, cooking,…show more content…
Sarah replies with “You have something that no one else has, your father’s robot building skills.” “Oh no no no.” Arlene says, “I do not make robots, I make creatures, beautiful creatures like this.” Arlene snaps her fingers 3 times and then a light flutter sound begins from the top of the stair well. Sarah could not believe her eyes, it was snake with wings! Sarah tells arlene how impressed she is. “Although these creatures are quite beautiful, I need your help with those machines out there. That is off course if you want your father back.” Arlene feels a storm of range in her begin. She releases it by shouting, “You know my father is! You can’t do that!” Arlene starts an intense walk toward Sarah. Arlene flushes her hands in front of her and shoves Sarah to the ground. “Ouch, I don’t know where your father is, but I know the robots have him.” “How do you know that” Arlene ask. “Well, your father, believe it or not made some of the greatest robots around and the robots know that. They have him held as a hostage downtown in Chicago so he can make more robots, and improve the system.” Arlene ask, “But when could have they taken him?” Sarah starts to pace, “I don't know, probably when you were at
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