Arlinda Mckinnon Case

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On 7/9/15 worker made an unannounced visit to the residence of Ms. Bernice Connell, for the purpose of making first victim contact. Ms. Kayley McKinnon, granddaughter-in-law of Ms. Connell greeted worker at the door and showed worker to Ms. Connell 's room. The room was cluttered but did not present with an odor. Ms. Connell was lying in bed watching TV, she was appropriately dressed with good personal hygiene. Ms. Connell stated she had lived with her son, Earnest McKinnon, and daughter-in-law, Arlinda McKinnon, for two years. According to Ms. Connell, she contracted Shingle two years ago and lost her ability to walk. Ms. Connell stated other than Shingles, she is healthy, but she still experiences complications from the Shingles.…show more content…
Connell denied ever being left alone and stated she was well taken care of. When questioned about who provides care for her she stated Arlinda. However, if Ms. McKinnon is unable to be home her granddaughter-in-law, Kaley or neighbor, Vanessa assists with Ms. Connell 's care. When asked about Ms. Connell 's ability to call for help, Ms. Connell showed worker a remote control and stated she called for help. When worker explained to Ms. Connell that was not a phone she stated, "Them girls (Gentiva Workers) must have done something with it." Ms. Connell believes Gentiva Hospice reported the allegation to DHR because the bath worker stepped in dog feces. During visit worker noticed two inside dogs but no dog feces. Ms. Connell married three times and each one was in the military. However, due to her income Ms. Connell is not eligible for assistance. Ms. Connell receives 1500.00 SS, Medicare, Healthsprings Insurance and Gentiva Services bath aid 3x and nursing 2x weekly. Medication

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