Arlington National Cemetery Scenarios

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Edwin De La Cruz
Ms. Barber
Arlington National Cemetery

Arlington National Cemetery Hello I am Mr. De La Cruz and I will be your tour guide for today. I will be providing you with lots of different information about the Arlington Cemetery. I ask for you to keep quiet because this is the most sacred area in the U.S. and while i'm informing you about the Arlington Cemetery. Please follow me and ask questions if need to. Please go to the bathroom before we start the tour and please listen to the security guards and take off any metal item before walking through the scanners.
The requirements in order to be buried at Arlington National Cemetery was soldiers who die while on active duty, retired members of the Armed Forces, and certain Veterans and Family members are eligible for burial at Arlington National Cemetery. The persons specified below are eligible for ground burial in Arlington National Cemetery. The 1st common requirement to be buried in the Arlington National Cemetery is any citizen of the United States who, during any war in which
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On March 4, 1921, Congress approved the burial of an unidentified American soldier from World War I in the plaza of the new Memorial Amphitheater. Unknown Soldier of the Vietnam War. DNA testing has proven that the remains which were buried in the Tomb of the Unknowns at Arlington National Cemetery are those of United States Air Force First Lieutenant Michael Joseph Blassie. The tomb is pretty much saying that here rests an american soldier who only god knows. The things that honor guard must do is Responsible for maintaining the highest standards and traditions of the United States Army and this Nation while keeping a constant vigil at this National Shrine, and whose special duty is to prevent any desecration or disrespect directed toward the
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