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An arm lift (Brachioplasty) is one of the surgical procedures Dr. Thomas S. Guillot performs for his patients in Baton Rouge. An arm lift is a surgical procedure designed to address excess tissue in the upper arm. This tissue is frequently referred to as a 'bat wing.'

The Reasons Individuals in Baton Rouge Choose to Have an Arm Lift

Aging, weight fluctuations and genetics can contribute to the sagging, drooping appearance of the upper arms. Exercise cannot address this problem; consequently, this condition can only be corrected with an arm lift.

Issues That Dr. Guillot Addresses with an Arm Lift in Baton Rouge

During a Brachioplasty at the First Choice Surgery Center in Baton Rouge, Dr. Guillot can:

Reduce localized areas of fat within
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Guillot will reshape and tighten the arm. Once complete, the skin is gently smoothed back over the arm. The outer layer of skin is closed using either stitches that require removal or absorbable sutures.


If your stitches require removal, they are removed within a week or two. You will be able to see the tighter and smoother contours of your arm almost immediately; however, you should expect some swelling and bruising following your arm lift with Dr. Guillot in Baton Rouge.

The majority of Dr. Guillot’s arm lift patients can resume their typical daily routines within two weeks; however, exercise regimens need to be avoided for an additional two to four weeks.

It takes about two weeks for the incisions to heal completely. Once your incisions are healed, Dr. Guillot will discuss scar management techniques with you. There are products and techniques specifically designed to assist with minimizing the appearance of scars.

What to Expect at Your Initial Consultation with Dr. Guillot in Baton Rouge

At your initial consultation with Dr. Guillot at the Oaks at Goodwood Medical Spa in Baton Rouge, you will need to discuss:

Your medical history. Whether you use tobacco, drink alcohol, or take recreational

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