Arm Wrestling With My Men Analysis

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Many people are influenced into finding their own identity. Our values, morals, and beliefs are followed by the life choices we make in becoming who we are. For example, Marther Luther King, a civil right activists, who made a huge impact in today’s society by making the world more equal and giving a voice for the minorities. He had been influenced by Mahatma Gandhi, who wrote about civil disobedience and peaceful demonstration. As of today, culture has changed over the years because of them, however not the world where race was still a problem. In the stories, “Arm Wrestling With My Father”, by Brad Manning and “Looking For Work” by Gary Soto share relationships where they are unable to find themselves. In the story “Arm Wrestling With My…show more content…
Manning’s father had a hard time expressing love to him, however, played physical sports to show it. This relationship was more of a physical relationship rather than a sentimental one. They showed love for each other by arm wrestling. It starts with his father being the more dominant one, thus Manning has not won. Manning loved losing to his father to show how his father was strong and how he wanted to follow his father’s footsteps. As Manning grew older, he had another match with his father just for fun. In the end, Manning had won and it brought him to the realization of the symbolism behind the arm wrestling. It reminded him how his father was his protector and how his hard work had kept him safe. He did not realize playing sports and wrestling had been the way his father showed love. He felt embarrassed as he finally felt his father’s love. Overall, this relationship shows that love can be expressed in many different ways and how actions can speak louder than words. Also, how the family can have a competitive or unusual relationship, but still care for one another. The symbolism of Manning and his father arm wrestling was…show more content…
So that morning, while doing-in the train of ants which arrived each day, I decided to become wealthy, and right away!” (1). Gary realized that after watching television he wants to adopt the American culture. This quote is important because culture on TV has influenced him to take up mannerism from that he had seen. In my experience, I had always wanted to be wealthy like the people I see on the television. I wanted so many things like nice cars, house, and family, however, realized I would have to work for it. As I grew older, I learned that my family had worked all day and all night to have a roof over my head, food on the table, and cars for transportation. I learned to find a job, to achieve dreams I wanted to have. Next, Soto says, “I tried to convince them that if we improved the way we looked we might get along better in life” (3) In this part, Soto didn’t really understand the affection and value behind family like myself. I was so different from my other classmates, that I wanted to adopt new culture to become “normal”. I had not appreciated what my family has gone through and how their culture was apart of my history. Lastly, when his sister said, “What’s this crap about getting dressed up”(4), demonstrates the difference his family had between the fantasy families seen on television. It shows how they were not appreciative and grateful of what they were given. Growing up, I didn’t get why I had a small
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