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Since ArmaLite's debut in 1954, there have been many changes and many new firearms created for its customers, whether commercial or military. With some bumps in the road, they became known for their very popular AR rifles. ArmaLite began as a Division of Fairchild Engine and Airplane Corporation, but then became ArmaLite Inc., then a division of Elisco Tool, and finally it became its own corporation. Each of the stages of the company made strides with firearms in its own way. In the first stage when ArmaLite was part of Fairchild, the plan was to first make firearms for the commercial side of the business. Plans changed when they were asked by the U.S. Air Force to produce a replacement for their survival rifle. They submitted the AR-5, which turned out to be very successful. It replaced the previous Air Force survival rifle and was then dubbed the MA-1 Survival Rifle. Because of this success, ArmaLite began focusing on military production. When George Sullivan, Eugene Stoner, and Charles Dorchester shared their ideas, significant changes were made with military weapons. The AR-1 was a very early example of their success. Later, in 1955, the AR-10 was hoped to replace the Army's M1 Garand. ArmaLite was unable to reach this goal, but it opened a door with the Army and lead to the development of the AR-15. During this first phase, they also…show more content…
was the AR-18. The AR-18 is similar the AR-15, although it has a different gas system. Trying to keep afloat in the military, the rifle was offered to the Army. Though it showed promise, unfortunately the market for military rifles was not there at the time. ArmaLite moved their sights toward commercial sales, making the civilian version of the rifle called the AR-180. Another attempt was made in the military market by moving sales overseas. Regardless of the many attempts to make the rifle successful, it was all for naught. ArmaLite was sold to Elisco Tool Manufacturing in

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