Armenian American Culture Essay

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The Armenian culture has become a subculture in the popular American culture. Armenians first started to migrate to America in early 1920. Approximately 60,000 Armenians migrated to the United States between the 1980 and 1990. Now Armenian American are scattered through America, the majority being in Glendale, California and Boston, Massachusetts. The American culture has been largely nice to the Armenian community, even though is being easy for Armenians to adjust to the American culture they still retain their own cultures. The member of the Armenian America subculture I interview, focus on discussing how they still practice the same rituals for wedding. The member also expressed the love for their food, and how their household is trilingual.…show more content…
The first dish the was mention was the khorovatz, is marinated meat that is grilled or barbecued. Another specialty is stuffed grape leaves, lamb, and eggplant. They use a lot of vegetables in their dishes. My interviewer stated even though they like the American food, they still love their Armenian dishes. Armenian women are known for the love of cooking their food. On the other hand, America’s most common alcoholic beverage is beer, Armenian-American still have the taste for their vodka, and wine. My interviewer also stated, that at family events or party they still make their Armenian feast, a table full of food like if was thanksgiving. The typical traditional American foods are hot dogs, hamburger, apple pie, and roast beef. Many dishes may change based on what region of the United States you are. The south region is known for the barbecue. The great lakes are known for their fish boil. The Louisiana area is known for their famous jambalaya.

The Main language in the United States is English; most Armenian- Americans have adjusted to English. When my interviewer first came to this country she did not speak a drop of English. It was difficult at the beginning, but she overcame English, she enrolled in school and began to learn. Now, ten years later her household is trilingual speaking Armenian, Russian, and English. My interviewer explained how they speak mostly Armenian
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