Armenian Genocide Essay

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Denying to label what happened to the Armenians as a genocide set a standard for future genocides, like the Holocaust, to occur. The Armenian Genocide is the extermination and mass deportation of ethnic Armenians living within the Ottoman Empire during and after World War I from 1915-1917. People were separated by gender, age, and capability, then taken to sites where they were killed, tortured, or worked to death. These methods used to torment and eliminate Armenians influenced the execution of the Holocaust.
The United States refused to acknowledge the massacre of 1.5 million Armenians as a genocide to preserve their economic and political ties with the Republic of Turkey. Powerful countries shied away from the term “genocide” and referred
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German Nazis leveraged the worldwide response, or lack thereof, to Turkey’s actions to further their destructive agenda. Adolf Hitler used the event to justify the Nazi slaughter of six million Jews, saying in 1939: "Who, after all, speaks today of the annihilation of the Armenians?” Not only did the ignorance of the Armenian Genocide validate extermination of a race, but also the means to do so. Concentration camps of the Holocaust were adapted from holding camps used in the 1910’s. Forms of torture described in local papers like the New York times went unnoticed throughout both Genocides, eliminating the hope of external aid. What the Armenians endured in Turkey is now being committed against the Jews, but slower and more systemically. Numerous ideological and political influences led from the disregarded Armenian genocide to Hitler’s actions and the Holocaust.
By undervaluing the genocide of a million Armenians, the world overlooked the precedent it would set for future massacres and ethnic cleansings. Avoiding the title of genocide shifts the focus away from solving the root cause of mass annihilation, to political drama. Global Leaders have circumvented this subject for nearly a century, continuing to preserve diplomatic engagement at the cost of justice for its citizens. The marginalized Genocide impacted the Holocaust
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