Storm And Stress Analysis

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Through this question, Arnett tried to make a claim that adolescence is either time of storm and stress or exuberant growth. But on the base of my experience and exposure, I didn’t found any case around me. So, I could say that adolescence is a period of storm and stress. During my job or field practices, I did not have any evidence which can prove it that adolescence of exuberant growth. So, I am agree with the claim which is made by Arnett. According to Erik Erickson’s stage theory of psychological development, where he talks about adolescent’s major characteristic of identity vs role confusion that “adolescence work at refining a sense of self by testing roles and then integrating them to form a single identity or they become confused about…show more content…
Many scholars has given own comments regarding adolescent but there is paradox among themselves. “Hall also believed that adolescent storm and stress in his/her time was aggravated by the failure of home, school and religious organizations to recognize the true nature and potential period of adolescent and to adapt their institutions accordingly a view not unlike that of many more recent scholars.” Here I am agree with Hall’s statement because every aspects of adolescent as mentioned by him mould the adolescent. When adolescent spends more time in their parents than peer. Where it is her/his expectation that the parents will tell me that what changes is going on but adolescent’s parents doesn’t fulfill own accountability. When we asked to the adolescent in FGD that –“Is your parents oriented you about this changes?” then no one replied us because the barrier of parental, social values come against of these things. Due to this barrier sometimes adolescent moves to wrong way like take medicine for stopping menstrual with suggestion of doctor or unsafe…show more content…
Ultimately the researchers has confirmed that risk behaviors are the fact of during late-adolescent unlike conflict with parents and parents and moos disruption. In this stage, adolescents don’t mind about rules and norms of the public and private services. Adolescents gives priority to take risk like propose to unknown girl, bike racing, gambling, consuming alcohol, unprotected sex. It happens first time in adolescents age but mostly adolescent doesn’t come out from it.
While I participating in FGD, then someone told us that his neighbor accompanied with bad behavior friends. In the result, that adolescent died caused by cancer. After this incident, my parents are concerned about my friend’s choices.

Conclusion: - Through this paper, it is justified that adolescents storm and stress not just assumption in adolescent’s life. This stage period put a huge effects on adolescent’s future because during this flow, every adolescents should be on right way with the support of good sailor like support and friendly parents but if any adolescent follow the wrong way then there is less possibility to come on the right track again. So, every parents should be keep patient and orient as life trainer during this
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