Arnold Hospital Case Study

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Questions: 1. Would becoming ISO certified benefit more Arnold Hospital than implementing Six Sigma initiatives? Give at least 3 reasons properly explained. I I am sure that this would indeed benefit the Arnold Palmer Hospital by becoming ISO certified. The ISO standards such as the ISO 98001, has a scope. (Jaffrey, 2004). This scope specifies what the organizations must do to meet the customer requirements. Also included are regulatory requirements. The standards also makes sure that the organization will ensure that the employees follow its policies and procedures. They will be room for continual improvement. Quality is not lost but advanced continuously. The standard would also provide terms and definitions. These are then set out and explained…show more content…
2. Should management at Arnold Hospital control all processes tightly? Why? Give minimum 2 reasons properly explained? Yes they should control all the processes tightly. It is their responsibility. They need to be committed to achieving quality. Management must be in charge of the review of the quality management process. The management must also be responsible for planning for the quality management system. The management must be responsible for the organisation’s products as well as customers 3. What in your opinion should be monitored continuously and why? I think the treatment and handling of patients should be monitored continuously. This should be done so because , each case is different. Each patient that comes to the hospital is different from the other. Their needs are different from each other. These differences should be monitored and taken note of. Because of the differences in each case, these can be challenging to the hospital staff. If monitored , then quality can be maintained. 4. How could Arnold Hospital thrive towards Excellence? Explain. (give 5 different means). They could look at the tangibles. (Knowles, 2011).These look t the physical environment. The physical aspect of the service…show more content…
At Arnold Hospital, daily tools adopted are Pareto charts, flowcharts and process chart. Give an example of how can they adopt a Pareto chart and illustrate it (draw it). Give as well an example of how they can adopt a flowchart and illustrate it. Explain assumptions as needed. Pareto chart of how to Improve sensitive time based processes in ICU, based on no 5 fishbone diagram The pareto chart shows on a bar graph which factors are more significant. So basically it is a compilation of the problems as identified and how they occur. (Tague,2005). Pareto chart (Tague,2005). Data compilation for Pareto chart CategoryTotalEquipment0Resident2Cardiologist2lab staff2Nursing staff2internal medicine staff2general1Existing guidelines4informal rules3Communication5 (Tague,2005). 7. Suggest another tool to be adopted by Arnold Hospital and explain its importance. Give an example of how it could be used and illustrate it. The hospital could use a check sheet which is also called. A defect concentration diagram. This is a structured , prepared form. It is used for collecting and analyzing data. This is usable for many purposes.

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