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The Arnstein family is a good example of the multiple relationships among multiple family groups living in the same regions of Bohemia. Regina Arnstein (daughter of Joachim Arnstein), for example, married Josef Weil (mentioned above). Jonas Arnstein was another child of Joachim. Jonas’ daughter, Josepha Arnstein, married Josef Freund. Somewhat confusing, yes, but the familial entanglement demonstrates the plural interrelationships within the community. Continuing the focus on the Arnsteins, the earliest known ancestor of this Arnstein family was Joachim, born in 1824. He married Rosa Kraus and together they had at least seven children: Jonas, Carl, Alois, Josef, Julie, Marie and Regina. While Joachim Arnstein spent some portion of his life…show more content…
He was an ensign (fahnrich) in the Austrian army during World War One, and then became a coffee merchant. He was married to Elise (later Eliza) and had two children, Elene (Helen) and Margherita (Margaret), and settled in the United States. Felix Arnstein was the fourth son of Carl and Emilie Arnstein, born about 1897. He died at the age of 19 on June 4, 1916, according to his obituary notice, “fighting for the fatherland … on the northeastern front.” He was an ensign in a lancers regiment of the Austrian army. The fifth and youngest child of Carl and Emilie Arnstein was Hans Arnstein, born in Trieste about 1900. Hans worked for his father’s coffee business (Arno & Cie.), traveling frequently, and by about 1922 had become a naturalized citizen of Brazil, changing his name to Joao Arnstein. He immigrated to Brazil in 1938 where he established the Arno electrical appliance company, at first manufacturing electric motors. In 1985 the company began making home appliances. He was married to Warsaw-born Vera, and had two sons, Felippe and Carlos Sergio. In 1957, following the death of Joao Arnstein, Felippe became president of the company and his brother, Carlos Sergio, its managing

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