Essay On Aromaticity

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Aromaticity can be termed as a chemical property of conjugated cycloalkenes. Aromaticity deals with the uncommon stability of benzene and its derivatives, which is caused by the ability of the electrons in the p-orbitals to delocalize and act as a framework to generate planar molecules. A molecule is only considered aromatic due to the fact that it is cyclic, that it follows the Huckel’s Rule and lastly that each element must have a p-orbital.
Antioxidants play and important role in health. It can be defined as a group of organic chemicals and have been used to hinder the process of oxidative degradation of food products, fats and oils and polymers. Antioxidant can be defined as forms of molecules that help to maintain the body’s chemical reactions. They assist in preventing excessive activity of free radical molecules. Free radicals are molecules that are very reactive;
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Flavonoids has a molecular structure of two aromatic carbon rings and benzopyran (A and C rings) and benzene (B rings). The chemical structure of flavonoids consists of pyrane and phenolic rings that are classified due to the differences in the substitutions and combinations that are associated between the A and B rings. The differences are, however, accounted for by the attachment of glycosidic groups, hydroxyl groups and methoxy groups. The total number of hydroxyl group and the configuration are factors that impact the antioxidant activity of flavonoids. The free radical searching activity is primarily attributed to the reactivities of the hydroxyl groups that participate in the reactions of the hydrogen abstraction. It is because of the arrangement of the hydroxyl groups that is located on the B ring affects ROS scavenging properties. The hydroxyl groups on the B ring donates hydrogen electrons to the free radicals which results in their
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